Who we are

... a network to promote forestry-oriented and sustainable resource-oriented training and education, as well as a society to maintain the relationships between forest science, resource management and practice.

What we stand for

As a registered association, our goal is to build an international network of all former and currently enrolled students of the study programs "Forest Science" and "Sustainable Resource Management" from TU M√ľnchen. In this way, contacts and exchange of experience between the graduates, their study programme division and business partners can arise.

What we do


  • organizes lectures, colloquiums, professional forums and other information and training events for students, their members and promoters
  • informs its members about current topics of their study field
  • supports its members in finding an internship position and thus supports a network between students, graduates and sponsors.
  • promotes literary, scientific and artistic work with a forest and resource-oriented background in the broadest sense
  • supports the graduation ceremony and other events to support the students to achieve the study goal, to publicize the study programs, its content and to promote a stable network